The New Luxury in Los Angeles

Tips for the Urban Pet in DTLA

One of the greatest symbols of gentrification in urban areas has been the appearance of urban dwellers walking their dog. Since the Dog Walk is such an outward symbol of life and home it is no wonder that there is new joy in the Downtown LA (DTLA) landscape. So, here are a few tips to a happy co-existence…

Curb your Pooch

The original meaning of curbing your dog meant to pull him off the curb to do his business. In today’s world the meaning has been muddled. Our recommendation is to respect the spirit of the idea and simply clean up after your pooch.

Know that all urban dogs are not friendly or well trained

Just like people, there are nice people and people with distemper. Since there is always a temptation to greet a cute dog or for one dog to sniff another dog’s “personality” we suggest caution. One great tip is to read the Yellow Dog Project.

Walk your dog in front

Contrary to classic suburban dog training where the dog “heels” or walks to the master’s left side, the urban pet should walk in front. This is helpful so you can monitor your pet (please don’t eat that dirty chicken bone) and give you peace of mind.

June 14, 2016 News